Long Range Planning

Why A Long Range Plan?

Long-term goals are inherently strategic. This characteristic is why long-term goals shape the overall direction of the organization. It plays an important role in helping leaders to think differently about the organization

What Is A Long Range Plan?

A long-range plan is a set of goals (usually five to ten) that outlines the path for the future. When the long-range plan is in place, a strategic plan should be developed to define the objectives and actions necessary to achieve the goals spelled out in the long-range plan.

Steps For A Long Range Plan

  1. Evaluate
  2. New Vision/Mission
  3. Needs Assessment
  4. Propose & select goals
  5. Develop a Strategic Implementation Plan
  6. Periodic Assessment and Update

Needs Assessment Instructions

The nitty-gritty details of a successful needs assessment for your community. Download your own copy from here.

Needs Assessment Report

A template for conducting the needs assessment for your library. Download your own working copy here.

Needs Assessment Workbook

What is a community? What is a need? What is a needs assessment and how do we implement it? Take a look here to find the ins and outs of all your questions.