Filing Your 486

The form 486 is the last form in the erate cycle.

To file your 486, log in to the erate portal EPC.

At the top right of the page click on FCC Form 486.

It will ask for a nickname, year, etc. Fill that out & Click Continue.

This page will have you select your FRN. If you scroll down a little you will already see your FRN listed. Check the box next to your FRN. Then just under it on the right, click on Add FRN. Just below that it will list your FRN again, ignore that (unless you want to remove it, which you don't) and Click Continue.

This page will say Service Info and your FRN should be listed, again check the box next to your FRN. It will then ask you for a start date, this should be 07/01/202X (whatever year we're in). Click Continue.

This page will ask you if you are going to file early & if you are out of compliance with CIPA. If the date is before July 31 select the box stating that you are filing early. If it is after July 1, do not select the box. DO NOT check the box that states you are out of compliance with CIPA. (if you are not sure, ask your consultant) Click Continue.

This page will have Certifications with 2 statements, click in both (2) boxes. It will also have 3 statements about CIPA, click the 1st box only, leave the other 2 blank. The box you click should state that you are in compliance with CIPA. Click Preview.

This page will display your information. Review it. Click Certify in the bottom right corner. A box will pop up asking you to verify the information, Click Yes.

Step by Step PDF