Important Dates

eRate 486

If you have a funding decision for erate, you can do your 486 right now. This will wrap up the erate year for you!

If you wait, know that the deadline is 120 days from the service start date (July1) or 120 days after the date of your funding letter. Use USAC's deadline tool to see when your deadline is.

Annual Reports Due

August 15 for city libraries

October 1 for system libraries


Trends, technology and other things going on in the library world.

Libraries and the Pandemic

Libraries are amazing at how they've adapted during this crisis. We're still here, connecting people to books, info and to each other. Here's a round up of some interesting articles on Libraries and the Pandemic.

man and baby reading a book

Libraries and Social Work

It’s a new way to think about libraries connecting to people in the community. Libraries are hiring or embedding a social worker in the library. Listen to a story from NPR. Then find out more in the book.

whole person

Library Development Staff

Vicki Mohr

Director of Library Development

Cathy VanHoy

Consultant, State Data Coordinator

Adrienne Butler

Consultant, Youth Services Coordinator

Melissa Askew

Consultant, Website Coordinator

Wendy J Noerdlinger

Consultant, Continuing Education Coordinator

Doris Dixon

Administrative Assistant