Filing Your 470

Before you file a 470, check your contract from last year. If you have voluntary extensions and you want to use them, you don't need to file a 470. Call your service provider or ask your consultant if you have questions.

Category 1

  • Cat 1 funding includes Internet and data transmission services.
  • Always click Save & Continue, do not click Save & Share

Step by step guide to filing your 470, Category 1.

  1. Log in to EPC
  2. Create a Nicknameclick continue
  3. Select Yes, you are the main contact person (your name should pop up), click continue
  4. Review contact & consultant information, click continue
  5. Select Cat 1 Services, (& Cat 2 Services if you want both)
  6. Click "Add New Service Request" for each service request (function).

For each "function," you add quantity: 1; minimum & maximum capacity (ex. 50-100 Mbps); entities served:1; Seeking installation, activation & initial config: YES; Maintenance & tech support: NO; then click ADD.

For Internet, do these service requests

  • Leased Lit Fiber
  • Internet Access & Transport Bundled

7. The Narrative: Details about Service & Disqualifications

Copy & paste this narrative into the narrative section, just below your added service requests. Edit to fit your situation.

No bids will be accepted after [add your date]
The library is seeking bids for internet service for a minimum of 50 Mbps up to 100 Mbps. *[include 100 Mbps in your request]
Bidders must meet these requirements:
All bids must be contingent on successful E-rate funding.
The applicant will disqualify bidders who are not bonded or who do not have a SPIN.
Include all costs in the bid.
Bidder must have a CCN for the service area, OneNet, or ILEC required.
We will not accept bids for multi-year contracts. Annual service agreements only, with up to 4 voluntary extensions.
No liquidated damages.
No early termination fees or non-renewal fees
The vendor must file for OUSF funding within 90 days of the start of service. The vendor must agree to appeal adverse OUSF findings.
The vendor must provide quality or service level of agreement.
The vendor must provide a list of equipment, fees, construction, etc. needed to provide higher speeds.

Certification: final steps for 470

  1. Are you using an installment payment plan? NO
  2. Add technical contact if you have one.
  3. Are there state & local procurement requirements? NO
  4. Review FCC Form 470: click the PDF link to Review, Print, & Save.
  5. Close form.
  6. If you would like your consultant to review the form before you certify, send a copy of the PDF via email to your consultant.
  7. Click the box under the PDF link to certify the PDF is correct.
  8. Click Continue to Certification.
  9. You will need to check all of the boxes confirming you have followed all of the rules and have done everything to the best of your knowledge.
  10. Certify your FCC Form 470.

Congratulations, you are finished! UNLESS you need to file for Category 2. Find out more about filing category 2.

eRate Tips

If you switch vendors, make sure you cancel all services with the other vendor.

What if you need to redo a 470 that's already submitted?

You can't cancel a 470. But, you can do a new one. Here's what to do:

  1. Create a new 470 and submit it.
  2. Go back to the 470 that you don't need and edit the nickname.
  3. Add the word cancelled and reference the new 470 application number.

Need help? Ask your consultant.