Libraries and the Pandemic

Another great article from NPR on how libraries are adapting to the pandemic, how people are using the library, and how what libraries do and offer have changed. Libraries Are Dealing With New Demand For Books And Services During The Pandemic

The Atlantic’s The Post-pandemic Future of Libraries

Internet is a big problem. And Covid is exposing other gaps too. PBS’s News Hour has a good article on this and more: ‘Truly the last safe haven’: Libraries serve vulnerable communities during the pandemic

2019 Library Design Showcase

Sometimes we get caught up in eRate and annual reporting and forget to see what’s going in the library world. It’s fun to see what’s happening in design, in particular.

American Libraries Magazine features library building, renovation and design projects each year. The slideshows have a range of projects. Everything Old is New Again shows how libraries can honor their old, interesting structures, but give them a futuristic twist.

In Landscape Views, you’ll see Oklahoma’s own Norman Pioneer East Library. This shows how inside is tied directly to outside. It’s a stunner!

Take a look and get inspired. Check out this year’s libraries in the showcase slideshows.