Social Services in Your Library!

Libraries are among the few public spaces that feel safe and welcoming to everyone in our communities. To meet this challenge we have much to learn from social workers, who are trained to approach their clients with empathy while keeping professional boundaries.

Public Libraries in the United States are visited daily by vast numbers of people
experiencing unmet psychosocial needs including poverty, homelessness, immigration concerns,
mental health, substance abuse, and health problems.
The Journal of Social Services 2020, Vol 101(1) 34-43


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Schools of Social Work

University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, MSW and BSW

University of Oklahoma - Norman, MSW and BSW

Northeastern State University - Tahlequah, BSW and very new MSW program

Northeastern State University - Broken Arrow

Northwestern State University - Alva, BSW

East Central State University - Ada, BSW

Oral Roberts University - Tulsa, BSW



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