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New each year! The webinar will be recorded and made available online after for those who cannot attend live.


Spring 2024 - Live webinar April 19th

Trauma-Informed Librarianship

A presentation on trauma-informed librarianship with Q&A

This webinar contains the following information:

  • General information about the changing needs of patrons, including some state-specific data about factors impacting library patrons in Oklahoma
  • Information about how these needs impact library staff
  • Trauma and how it can impact both public library patrons and staff in libraries of all sizes (specifically including rural as well as suburban and urban libraries)
  • The six guiding principles of trauma-informed care and how they can be applied in a library setting to benefit both staff and patrons
  • Strategies for ensuring your library offers trauma-sensitive programming and services

About the Speaker

Beth is a researcher, consultant, trainer, and scholar who studies public library staff and patron needs, trauma-informed librarianship, staff experiences of workplace violence and stress, staff readiness for social services in the library, library-based social work practicum placements, and other types of social work-informed public library interventions and collaborations. She works with libraries of all sizes, from small or rural libraries to urban libraries, as well as both individual and large statewide or regional library organizations to understand staff experiences and challenges, patron needs, and strategies for supporting libraries in the valuable services they provide. Beth has conducted needs assessments of libraries across the United States, has developed and coordinated library-based social work collaborations, supervised library-based student practicum placements, and has provided multiple workshops internationally for public library staff on patron psychosocial needs, trauma-informed librarianship, skill-building for managing challenging patron behavior, and social work collaborations for meeting those needs.

Beth earned her BS in psychology from the University of Evansville, and her MSW and PhD in social work from the University of Kentucky. She is currently affiliate research faculty at UNC Charlotte after leaving her role as Director of the School of Social Work to pursue her consulting business full-time. She has nearly 15 years of experience as a social work educator, researcher, and administrator. In addition, she has 14 years of previous practice experience working primarily with individuals who struggle with poverty-related needs, mental health challenges, substance use disorders, and intimate partner violence.

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Spring 2023

Available on demand through Niche Academy until April 20, 2024. View or request access now!

Generational Fluency: How to Understand and Translate Across Generations

With the fast pace of change in American society, each generation has grown up in a different world, resulting in social and cultural differences that shape mindsets and expectations.

Without the right understanding these perspectives can collide and cause conflict, even when everyone means well.

In this foundational and lively workshop, national speaker and author Jessica Stollings- Holder presents a snapshot of the generations in the workplace and how to bring them together for greater understanding – and more effective outcomes.

Specific takeaways include:

  • Why generations are an important cultural competency
  • How the unique journey of each generation has impacted its perspectives, expectations, and styles and how their strengths can be used to benefit your team
  • How to respectfully communicate with, lead, motivate and engage each generation
  • How to benefit from generational diversity today and into the future

About the Speaker

Jessica Stollings-Holder is a national speaker, trainer, author, and coach who helps leaders realize how diverse perspectives fuel success.

She entered the speaking world through her groundbreaking work in generational diversity and inclusion. She has studied how to bridge gaps across generations for more than 15 years, serving more than 100 clients in 35 states and delivering 500 keynotes and training events.

Jessica’s work been highlighted in publications across the country- like SHRM, Ragan/PR Daily, and the Chronicle of Higher Education- and her experiential training using an escape game in a box was voted one of the top 120 trainings in the world by Training Magazine.

Jessica’s background includes leadership roles in corporate communication and talent development, and she also served as a nationally syndicated news reporter.

Jessica is an academic all-American volleyball player and graduate of King University. She is also a graduate of Leadership Tennessee Class V.

Most importantly, Jessica is a wife and mom with a passion to help all people feel understood, included, and valued.

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