Category 2

If you are applying for Cat 2, this is your step by step guide.

Click on Add New Service Request, you will have 3 choices: Managed Internal Broadband Services (leased equipment or existing equipment), Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections (Racks, Cables, Firewall, Router, etc), & Internal Connections (Racks, Cables, Firewall, Router, etc).

Once you have selected, add a narrative.


WAP with a controller

Cat 6 or better to replace all internet cabling in one library building

Router must be POE and have wireless internet connectivity; a router / firewall must work with current speed and network equipment and be scalable to work with maximum requested speed in Cat 1

Switch must be POE and 24 or 48 ports

Firewall / router combo preferred; if just firewall should be POE

MIBS should be quoted for a one year term with voluntary extensions with each year's price quoted for up to 4 years

Bids must include: Quantity, description, manufacturer, model number, part number or SKU, location, unit price, extended price, % eligible

Contracts must be submitted with bid for any Cat 2, signed and dated

Associated Charges - charges associated with eligible products and services must be listed as separate line items on the same bid with the associated product or service.

Basic Maintenance (bundled warranty): installation, configuration, shipping & delivery, training, travel & per diem charges, scope of work

Manage Internal Broadband Services (MIBS) must include: Complete list of equipment to be installed or managed including quantity, manufacturer, model number or product number, whether or not equipment is owned by the applicant or the provider, and Scope of Work.